University of Hawaii Students to Host General Election 2012 TV Show on Nov. 6

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UHMC students hosting last August’s MCTV Cable 55 live TV show, Decision 2012)

Maui County residents will be able to tune into MCTV Cable Channel 55 November 6th at 5:30PM and watch live coverage of the general elections as the results come in. A panel of University of Hawaiʻi Maui College students will host the show, interviewing key electoral candidates and offering commentary from a student’s perspective.

It’s a unique opportunity for students both behind and in front of the camera to gain real-world experience and apply what they learn in the classroom to a live event. For the students hosting the show this means extra research into the issues that concern Maui County so they can engage candidates in a serious discussion, while students off-camera operate cameras, assist with the direction and production of a live media event.


The show is a collaborative effort on the part of UH Maui College and Pacific Radio Group, which will provide moderators Alaka’i Paleka, Wendy Osher, Fred Guzman and also air the program on KNUI AM 900 and

Malia Davidson, Program Director of Liko A’e and Student Coordinator of the event, said “We have a diverse group of students for this coverage with the same diversity in life experience. These students are highly motivated about island sustainability as many of them are a part of this Maui College degree program. This is always a positive experience for our students, with a lasting impression of being of service to their community.”

“We are pleased to participate in this very important election by continuing in the tradition of providing results with a focus on information of importance to Maui County,” said Wendy Osher, News Director for Pacific Radio Group. “The program is a unique collaboration between our broadcast professionals at Pacific Radio Group, and the bright young minds at UHMC, who together offer engaging dialogue, candidate conversations, and up to the minute Maui results.”

Candidates currently scheduled to make an appearance in the studio, by phone or by Skype include: Ekolu Kalama, George Fontaine, Keeaumoku Kapu, Alana Kay, Doreen Gomes, Bart Mulvihill, Don Guzman, Stacy Crivello, Simon Russel, Kaniela Ing, Richard Pohle, Joseph Blackburn III, Joanne Amorin, Don Couch, Elle Cochran, Gladys Baisa, Manuwai Peters, Dain Kane.






  1. The University of Hawaii at Mānoa serves approximately 20,000 students pursuing 225 different degrees. Coming from every Hawaiian island,

  2. I think students of this university get a lot of benefits and great opportunities. Good for them! I wish this could be the case for all students.

  3. Malia Davidson, Program Director of Liko A'e and Student Coordinator of the event, said “We have a diverse group of students for this coverage with the same diversity in life experience

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