Vick Has Dark Side

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After reading your article on Atlanta Falcons Quarterback Michael Vick I was glad you addressed the fact that the children play a most important part in this issue.

I feel that he ”’was”’ a role model to some and maybe a mentor to others in any case I would like to see a nationwide poll of children and their thoughts and how they now feel about vick (I do not use a capitol V I THINK HE IS LOWER CASE) and how his image in the children eyes are now.


This man has a very, Very Evil Dark Side that only his partners and peers in the dog-fighting world know. I believe so much more will surface about this side of him. Please stay on top of this your writing is great.

Do you plan to do this in the future with the children? This is the first real story that has focused on the children.

I loved your article.

”’Elane Elder is with the Greenup County Humane Society Inc. in Greenup, Kentucky”’