Vision of a Waianae Representative

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”’*Editor’s note: The Grassroot Institute of Hawaii requested that all lawmakers write down their vision for Hawaii over the next 20 years. Here is the vision submitted by Rep. Maile Shimabukuro, D-Waianae.”’

My vision is for us to live in harmony with each other, both within and without the U.S., and to live in harmony with nature.


I want to see the end of all wars, and a coming together of humanity to work together to end human suffering.

Here in Hawaii, I want justice for the Hawaiian people. Hawaiians deserve sovereignty, and an undoing of all the wrongs the U.S. has brought upon them.

I also want to see nature flourish for all to enjoy. We should teach everyone to appreciate the amazing gifts the earth has to offer — the ocean, mountains, animals, and plants.

When you learn to live in harmony with nature, it influences everything you do; you would never make a decision that would threaten nature’s delicate balance.