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”Lawyer Censured for Gangster Cuddling”

NEW YORK — A New York lawyer’s libido has put her on a prison’s “no visit” list for allegedly romancing an inmate.


To complicate matters, the inmate is a suspected Mafia mobster.

The New York Post reported Monday 33-year-old lawyer Jean-Marie Graziano was observed “holding hands and interacting intimately” with reputed mob soldier Frank “Frankie Fap” Fappiano in the Metropolitan Correctional Center’s conference room.

Branding Graziano’s behavior “unprofessional,” Warden Gregory Parks wrote her, “Your conduct is unbecoming of an attorney and is disruptive to the orderly running of this institution.”

Sources said prison guards confiscated steamy love letters Graziano wrote to Fappiano, 40, charged last year with two racketeering murder charges. He faces life in jail if convicted of the murder of a Staten Island suspected mob snitch.

Graziano said the allegations of a romantic relationship are “the product of speculation, conjecture and suspicion.”

”Church Offers Money for White People Who Attend”

LA – Bishop Fred Caldwell of Shreveport, La., thinks Sunday mornings are too segregated.

He says God gave him the idea to pay whites to attend services at his 4,000-plus-member congregation.

He offered whites $5 per hour on Sundays and $10 per hour on Thursdays to attend services during the month of August. Only a handful of his current members are white and the financial incentive attracted 10 more.

Tricia Ward tells the Shreveport Times she always had wanted to go to a black church, but the thought of being the only white person there kept her away.

“I would feel guilty accepting the money,” Ward says. “But I was glad to be invited. That’s what it took to make me feel at ease.”