Weight-Loss Resolutions

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”New Year’s Resolution – How to Succeed with Weight-Loss?”


Dear Dr. Gelb:

It’s the New Year and my resolution is the same one I’ve had most of my adult life — losing weight. We’re talking 15-20 pounds here, but I don’t think this year’s outcome will be different. I’m stuck in the yo-yo dieting/weight gain cycle. It’s affected my marriage, especially my sex life and now my teen thinks she looks fat also. Any suggestions for this veteran dieter?

Hooked on Eating

Dr. Gelb says . . .

Dear Hooked:

Your question is timely because there is a billion-dollar market for weight loss programs out there ripe for folks in situations not unlike yours, offering just about every imaginable approach to weight-loss.

For many people there is one thing that puts weight on — food. In this regard I have two words to share about losing weight. The question is whether the willingness is there to apply them. The two words are ”’eat less.”’

Why do I say that? The choice to eat less is a challenging one, commanding a tough behavior change. This is because as the eating habit develops it tends to become the eater’s friend. Let me compare this to the relationship between a person and his dog. Food like a dog, does not reject us, it can comfort us, it won’t argue with us and it never tells us what to do.

So who in the world would want to give up a “friend” like that? — a friend that can ease emotional conflicts and soothe the soul; it can make us feel good and offers comfort. This is why you are probably not likely to consider my opinion about eating less. But if you do, I would be surprised if you did not drop some pounds.

This reminds me of a woman who lost a pound a week by restricting half of her daily sugar intake. Before long she achieved her goal weight. Imagine that — losing a pound a week. Sound inspiring? Of course always consult one’s physician about health issues. Good luck to you.

”Dr. Phil’s Weight Loss Program – Can It Work?”

Dear Dr. Gelb:

My New Year’s resolution is to lose a few pounds. I have been watching Dr. Phil and his weight loss program and he has great ideas but I know that he has been Oprah’s guru and she is so inconsistent with her weight that I find it hard to being inspired by Dr. Phil. How can we be motivated by someone’s weight loss program if his or her prot