What’s All the Debate Over Cell Phones?

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I’ve driven trucks, taxis and all manner of other vehicles. I’ve talked on CBs and cell phones for decades. Nobody ever claimed that they caused accidents until they became commonplace. Now there is all this clamor.

In all those years I never, nor did I ever hear of anyone else, had an accident because of talking on a CB or cell phone. I’d be willing to bet that more accidents are caused by cigarettes dropped in a person’s lap than by cell phone use.


This issue isn’t about cell phones, public safety or auto accidents. It is about legislators who can only think about government controlling every aspect of our lives. It is a mindset that believes that people truly cannot think or do for themselves. It is very revealing.

If our legislators were truly concerned about this issue, which they aren’t, then they would also have to ban all cell phones and CBs in all commercial vehicles. Taxis would have to stop in at the local phone booth to check in. What is more dangerous than a 12 ton truck hurtling down the highway with the driver talking to the dispatcher on a CB or some guy in a Honda talking on a cell phone?

While our state and country wallows in a socialist nightmare caused by unchecked overspending, our legislators waste their time on frivolous issues such as this. It is a clear attempt to divert the public from real pocketbook issues to those of no real consequence.

This subject is easy to determine. If cell phones caused that many more accidents, then insurance companies would be seeking to raise rates on the auto insurance policies of those that possess them. The actuarial tables so no such correlation. Thus, there is no such problem.

Hey legislators. Go figure out how to make government more effective and less expensive and stop wasting my money on issues that don’t matter. You on my dime and my time and you shouldn’t be spending them on figuring out how to reduce my freedom.

”’Don Newman, a free-lance writer living in Honolulu, can be reached via email at:”’ mailto:newmand001@hawaii.rr.com