Where Did the Fun Go; Flirting – Why Does It Bug Me?

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”Young Mom — Where Did the Fun Go?”


”’Dear Dr. Gelb:”’

I fell in love and after a short, whirlwind romance I married young and had two beautiful kids soon after that. I love my family but sometimes I think about everything I missed out on because I was so busy raising a family. I feel guilty for these thoughts. Any suggestions for a guilty mom?

”’Missed out”’

”Dr. Gelb says . . .”

”’Dear Missed Out:”

It is natural to miss things that have been forfeited because of other choices or priorities. What is unnatural is the guilt that is often felt for missing what could have been. To compound this, the guilt tends to blur any pleasure that has been experienced — in your case, this might include the fond memories of the enjoyable activities you and your husband shared before you took on the responsibility of a growing family.

If I were you, I’d enjoy my memories and realize that as your children get a little older they too can participate in the things that you enjoy, and then it becomes a family affair.

”Flirting — Why Does It Bug Me?”

”’Dear Dr. Gelb:”’

My husband and I often go to dinner with another married couple we are good friends with. The problem for me is that the wife in the other couple is flirtatious with my husband. He says it’s no big deal and doesn