Why is the Multi-Billion Rail System Being Forced Down Taxpayers’ Throats – Follow the Money

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Why are so many politicians in favor of the proposed multi-billion heavy rail system when it has been shown without a doubt that
it will ”’not”’ fix the traffic problem, it will take 15
to 20 years to complete (if it ever gets completed), and
it will have huge cost overruns and the taxpayers
don’t want it?

If WE THE PEOPLE don’t want it, then why are the
politicians so hell-bent on forcing it down our


I was enlightened to the reason for this a few days
ago by an old friend with many island contacts. This
boondoggle will put billions of dollars over the next
15 to 20 years on the table to be spent where? In a
word — ”’construction.”’ Who gets the most money out of
construction? Construction Unions.

During the ’90s construction was down, thanks to the
depressed economy in Hawaii. Members have grown
disgruntled with their unions — little or no work but
those union dues keep on coming. Here’s a chance for
the unions to appear to “bring home the bacon” and put
themselves in a good light with the rank and file.

The fact that fixed rail won’t fix the traffic problem
is of no concern to the unions.

The fact that the continued cost of the fixed rail
will break the economy is of no concern to the unions.

The fact that this rail is ”’not”’ “light” rail but in
reality “heavy” rail with major noise and pollution
issues is of no concern to the unions.

The fact that it will be a major eyesore and seriously
detract from the beauty of Oahu is of no concern to
the unions.

All they see is a chance to make themselves look good
and to hell with the rest of us.

This then brings up the question: How much in campaign
donations have been made by the various construction
unions to the City Council and state Legislators?
What promises of “massive union support in the next
election” have been made?

As the old saying goes: “Follow the money.”

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