Winners Camp: Helping Teens Establish a Healthy Way of Life

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The world is changing. What once were adult pressures have become
teenage problems. The effects of these changes are all too evident.
Winners’ Camp is teaching young people to face challenges to discover
the very best in themselves and to apply that knowledge successfully
in practical ways.

It teaches them to share their discoveries with
friends, family and community and to effectively implement positive
changes within their lives. As their new lives touch the lives of
their peers they impart the same positive difference to others.


Cited by ‘The Conference Board’ as being “among the most effective
business-supported education improvement projects in the nation”,
Winners’ Camp has graduated over 18,000 participants and is known as
an executive training for teenagers.

Winners’ Camp is an experience your whole family will remember
forever. A week at Winners’ Camp is an investment in your teen’s
future. Because so many graduates find that their grades and test
scores go up after camp, it’s a safe bet that your teen’s grades will
as well.

Participants learn to create a positive sense of self-identity through
a safe, supportive environment where they break through self-imposed

By regularly setting, meeting and exceeding goals, they
have a dramatic experience of the exhilaration of “winning”, and this
is winning where the opponent is one’s own fears and self-doubts.

conquering challenging outdoor events, teens learn to recognize their
own courage and self-confidence. By regularly going beyond what they
thought they could do, they learn the joy of reaching for greater

Participants are encouraged to develop concern for others through
teamwork and team-building. Instruction in conflict-resolving and
advanced communication techniques provides them with realistic ways to
improve cooperation in their lives. In discovering that conflict
doesn’t work, they learn more useful, workable methods of dealing with
problematical life situations.

The major force in improving grades and academic ability is the
development of very positive and constructive attitudes about their
own capabilities.

Academic and communication skills can only work if
the teens learn to believe in themselves.

Therefore, Winners’ Camp
strives to give participants a taste of the knowledge of all times and
ages: Nana Ike Kumu — “Look to the Source”, and to help them discover
the truth within which makes each person unique.

Winners’ Camp teaches
teens to realize that true knowledge brings understanding and unity of
self and can lead to a more positive, successful life, whatever the

Winners’ Camp offers follow up sessions after each camp during the
ensuing year to help the participants build their newly acquired
talents and insights into their daily lives.

Available in a support
capacity, the Winners’ Camp coordinators ensure that it is not just a
7-day experience but an ongoing process and way of life for many
teenagers in our community.

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