Working Cabbies Endure Physical Threats from Drivers Boycotting Fares at Honolulu’s Airport

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Just before local taxi cab drivers enter the Honolulu International Airport to pick up passengers, they are greeted with jeers — and even physical threats — from fellow airport cab drivers stationed there since Sunday holding what they are calling a “boycott.”

Local cab drivers who are working at the airport say they, their families and cabs, are being threatened with bodily harm by the protesting cab drivers. These cabbies, many who are immigrants from Vietnam, sporadically, without warning or filing any formal grievances with the airport taxi dispatch management company, AMPCO, staged a protest saying they are unhappy with current operations.


“The state should have a zero tolerance policy against any attempts to verbally or physically threaten, intimidate, terrorize or assault any taxi driver, worker or customer,” says Dale Evans, president of Charley