Young Entrepreneur’s Dream Comes True Tonight at the Trump Hotel

Skylar Soares
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Skylar Soares

Skylar Soares, 11, will have one of her dreams come true tonight. The 11-year-old Maryknoll School student was given one wish by the Make a Wish foundation and she opted to open her own retail business called HI Sky.

Skylar wanted to educate the public about the importance of being safe in the sun, so she is launching her own hat line tonight at a fashion show at the Trump Hotel.


Hawaii Pacific University students and the Make a Wish Foundation were the two groups that helped Skylar organize the fashion show, develop the hat line and produce a video on sun safety.

See our interview with the young entrepreneur on Hawaii Reporter Television and get tickets to the party and fashion show at the Trump Hotel tonight by logging on to the Trump web site here.

See more about the HPU project on Skylar’s new Facebook page







  1. Encouraging young people to express and, even better, implement their business ideas is an essential thing for ensuring this country's economical future. This kind on projects, in which kids get to live their business dream, is implemented in most top MBA schools and it proved to have very encouraging results!

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