camp-luau-invitationCamp Mokuleia is having a first ever luau fundraiser to bring local children, from Waialua, Waianae, Hau’ula, Waipahu and other areas to the camp. Reverend David Turner, the Executive Director, has been overwhelmed by the task of restoring the camp from damages of the last winter’s monster waves.

The Luau Fundraiser will be on Saturday November 26 at Camp Mokuleia from 4 to 8 pm. There is also a special offer to stay in the Lodge for two nights for the cost of one night to avoid driving back to Honolulu after the luau. The luau will also celebrate David’s 60th birthday and his eco-justice ministry to the community.

To reserve your spots navigate to

There also will be a Live Auction and Bidding for Baskets of Goodies. If you can make a donation of items to support the fundraiser, contact Kirsten Turner <>



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