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Hawaii Obamacare exchange projected to be financially viable — in 2022 »

Hawaii Health Connector is Hawaii's Obamacare exchange

By Malia Zimmerman | HONOLULU — Hawaii’s Obamacare exchange, Hawaii Health Connector, has been under fire for being the most costly in the nation, and a new report from the Hawaii Commerce and Consumer Affairs Department shows the Connector won’t…

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News Behind The News - Mediation Center of The Pacific - Take The Pledge

News Behind The News - Stop Trafficking in Hawaii

News Behind the News - Global Gun Rights Battle

News Behind the News - Battle Over Guns

Hawaii legislators say marijuana export could end fiscal wo


Marion T. Anderson Captain U.S. Army Union Army - A HOOSIER HERO »

05:59 pm | BY DUANE ALLEN VACHON, PH.D. Marion T. Anderson served in the American Civil War in Company D, 51st Indiana Infantry for the Union Army. He received the Medal of Honor on September 1, 1893. As the first two articles this year are about Medal of Honor recipients from the American Civil War, I thought it…

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New Zealand has worst traffic but Honolulu not far behind »

11:07 am | By Wendell Cox - Three decades ago, the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) at Texas A&M University began a ground-breaking project to quantify traffic congestion levels in the larger urban areas of the United States. The Urban Mobility Report project was begun under Tim Lomax and David Shrank, who have led the project over the first 30…

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Commission to Pay for Halau Lokahi Staff Through Month’s End »

04:48 pm | SUBMITTED BY THE STATE PUBLIC CHARTER SCHOOL COMMISSION - HONOLULU– The State Public Charter School Commission will release enough funds to pay teachers and staff at Hālau Lōkahi Charter School through the end of this month, in order to allow families and staff two more weeks to make transitions to new schools and new employers.  At that…

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An Insider’s Guide to Tahiti--Part 1 »

10:36 pm | by Rob Kay & Philippe Guesdon Editor's Note: This is the first of a two-part series on Tahiti.  As veteran journalists who have worked in French Polynesia for decades, we're often asked by friends and family for travel advice. Sometimes answers are not always available. Like any destination, change in Tahiti is a constant. New hotels, restaurants, cafes and other attractions…

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Pope Urges Philippine Leaders to End Corruption, Poverty »

01:17 am | Pope Francis has told Philippine leaders to reject the endemic corruption that has plagued the island nation for decades and instead work to end what he called the "scandalous" poverty and social injustices that afflict its people. Francis made the comments Friday during a speech to President Benigno Aquino and other officials on his first…

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Pope Francis meets with Philippine president Benigno Aquino III, Jan. 16, 2015.

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