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Hawaii political action committee under fire for non-disclosure »

IS IT A CRIME? Former Gov. Ben Cayetano convinced campaign spending commissioners to refer his complaint against a super PAC that targeted him during the 2012 election to the prosecutor for further criminal action

BY MALIA ZIMMERMAN - HONOLULU – Hawaii’s state campaign spending commissioners want the Honolulu city prosecutor to investigate a case brought by former Gov. Ben Cayetano against Pacific Resource Partnership’s political action committee. Pacific Resource Partnership, an affiliate of the Hawaii…

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News Behind The News - Mediation Center of The Pacific - Take The Pledge

News Behind The News - Stop Trafficking in Hawaii

News Behind the News - Global Gun Rights Battle

News Behind the News - Battle Over Guns

Hawaii legislators say marijuana export could end fiscal wo


Alfred V. Rascon Lieutenant Colonel U.S. Army: A Case of Overlooked Valor »

12:01 pm | BY DUANE ALLEN VACHON, PH.D.   Alfred V. Rascon was born in Chihuahua, Mexico on September 10, 1945, as the only child of Alfredo and Andrea Rascon. The Rascon family, in search of a better way of life, emigrated to the United States. They settled in Oxnard, California, where Rascon received his primary and secondary education. On August 1963, he…

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Alfred V. Rascon

New Zealand has worst traffic but Honolulu not far behind »

11:07 am | By Wendell Cox - Three decades ago, the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) at Texas A&M University began a ground-breaking project to quantify traffic congestion levels in the larger urban areas of the United States. The Urban Mobility Report project was begun under Tim Lomax and David Shrank, who have led the project over the first 30…

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Waianae teacher writes her way to healing from domestic abuse on PBS Hawaii’s HIKI NŌ »

03:48 pm | HONOLULU, HI – On next Thursday’s edition of PBS Hawaii’s student news show, HIKI NŌ, students from Waianae Intermediate School on Oahu tell the story of Momi Robbins-Makaila, a Waianae Intermediate School teacher who has written a book about the domestic abuse she has suffered in her life and the effect it had on her son. Titled Candy Canes…

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PBS hawaii documentary

Doing Business in Singapore--Q&A with Sanju Goswami »

01:04 pm | by Rob Kay On a recent trip to Malaysia I took a detour to Singapore to visit Sanju Goswami, a former Hawaii resident, and good friend. My interest in seeing Sanju was more than social. I was curious how he and his family had adapted to life in Singapore. I also wanted to what opportunities…

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First world infrastructure--parts of Singapore felt like West Los Angeles

China Seizes 31 Trafficking Suspects »

07:50 am |   BEIJING—Chinese authorities in the northern region of Inner Mongolia arrested 31 people on suspicion of trafficking women because they had held 14 people, 11 of them from Myanmar, also known as Burma, state media said on Monday. Five of the non-Chinese victims were younger than 18 and were handed to Myanmar police after a…

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FILE - Rohingya people from Myanmar, who were rescued from human traffickers, react from inside a communal cell at Songkhla Immigration Detention Centre, near Thailand's border with Malaysia.

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