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No consequences for key politician in Kauai dam breach tragedy »

MaryAnn Kusaka

BY MALIA ZIMMERMAN - KILAUEA, KAUAI – Retired Auto Dealer Jimmy Pflueger was sentenced to 7 months in prison Wednesday, Oct. 15, 2014. He pleaded “no contest” to a Reckless Endangering charge filed against him by the state attorney in…

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News Behind The News - Mediation Center of The Pacific - Take The Pledge

News Behind The News - Stop Trafficking in Hawaii

News Behind the News - Global Gun Rights Battle

News Behind the News - Battle Over Guns

Hawaii legislators say marijuana export could end fiscal wo


William T. Perkins, Jr. Corporal United States Marine Corps - A NEW KIND OF HERO »

11:18 am | BY DUANE ALLEN VACHON PH.D.  For many years prior to my retirement I worked at the National Memorial Cemetery of the Pacific.  My job as the cemetery representative was to help the families organize the committal service for their loved one.   Meeting  with the family I would  help organize the service.  This involved coordinating with…

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Cpl. William T. Perkins, Combat Photographer, Medal of Honor, Vietnam

New Zealand has worst traffic but Honolulu not far behind »

11:07 am | By Wendell Cox - Three decades ago, the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI) at Texas A&M University began a ground-breaking project to quantify traffic congestion levels in the larger urban areas of the United States. The Urban Mobility Report project was begun under Tim Lomax and David Shrank, who have led the project over the first 30…

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Photo: Emily Metcalf

Finalists for Vice Chancellor for Students will visit UHM campus »

09:00 am | Four finalists have been identified for the position of Vice Chancellor for Students at UH Mānoa. The four finalists are each scheduled to participate over a two-day period of visits in October that covers department discussions; meetings with senior administrators, faculty, staff, students, and internal and external constituents; and a public presentation. Campus and community…

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Doing Business in Singapore--Q&A with Sanju Goswami »

01:04 pm | by Rob Kay On a recent trip to Malaysia I took a detour to Singapore to visit Sanju Goswami, a former Hawaii resident, and good friend. My interest in seeing Sanju was more than social. I was curious how he and his family had adapted to life in Singapore. I also wanted to what opportunities…

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First world infrastructure--parts of Singapore felt like West Los Angeles

US Health Official Comments on Evolving Ebola Procedures »

11:13 am | By Michael Bowman - WASHINGTON—A top U.S. health official says it is unrealistic to expect every hospital in America to be able to care for an Ebola patient, but that health care facilities must be vigilant for possible cases and be ready to isolate anyone infected with the virus for transport to specialized treatment centers. Dr.…

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US Health Official Comments on Evolving Ebola Procedures

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