Tuesday, November 29th is GIVING TUESDAY!

With 4,054 members in our FaceBook group, we can all make a tremendous impact by doing our part. Here are 4 easy ways to get started.

1) GIVE YOUR TIME. Commit to do a 1-hour cleanup of any location that needs help. Have trouble deciding? Join us for any of our weekly events here:


Share your cleanup stories on social media to multiply our outreach and use the hashtags #givingtuesday and #808cleanups!

2) GIVE YOUR MONEY. Consider a $10 donation. To maintain and GROW our ability to provide stewardship and resources to every volunteer on every island. Your $10 donation can get a volunteer a magnet tool to remove pallet bonfire nails, or enough gloves for 10 volunteers, or enough biodegradable solution to remove 5 graffiti tags. You can donate online right now at:


3) Give botha dn get a workout, too. Join Fawn for Donation-based POP Pilates on Tuesday!


4) Make sure to designate 808 Cleanups as your charity at Amazon Smile! Direct link here:


Mahalo everyone. I encourage all our supporters to get involved in giving time and money to a cleaner, safer, and stronger Hawaii—starting right now.

For questions, answers and more, look for posts by the author.

If you like my posts—even if you don’t—why not contribute to helping spread the word?

Thanks in advance for caring and sharing this post on your social media sites.



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