Conference speaking and corporate training, quickly offers Makana Risser Chai, are just two income streams for speakers.” I’m sitting at a Speakers Association of Hawaii monthly meeting listening to Makana as she shares her stories of how she has created a rising trajectory in the public speaking space.

Makana Risser Chai

She has been a professional speaker for more than 30 years. From this deep base, she begins telling stories, while peppering her audience with multiple ways she has made money as a public speaker.

In general, she suggests to leverage yourself, your wisdom, experience and knowledge. If you cooperate with others, through partnerships with other speakers or creating a virtual company with affiliates, or forming a group of consultants, you can succeed beyond your abilities working alone.

However, should you like working alone, then she advises becoming an entrepreneur. For example, as a speaker entrepreneur, you might develop your own sponsors, put on public programs, organize your own conferences and create webinars. Last but not least, she suggests founding and leading a mastermind group on your chosen topic.

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Makana Risser Chai has been a professional speaker for more than 30 years. She is a Certified Speaking Professional of the National Speakers Association, where she presented at national meetings 26 times. She founded a training company based in Silicon Valley, which had annual sales in excess of $1 million. She is a speaker, author, attorney, consultant, coach, humorist. Or, on



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