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4 Fun Things to do on a Friday in Waikiki

By  - Maybe you have never experienced sailing in Waikiki and watching the regatta on a Friday night? Or maybe you have. If you haven’t experienced this wonderful sensation, I encourage you to do it. The spirit and excitement is remarkable. To be surrounded with sailors and the sailing vessels is my Friday night amusement. This is how I spend my Friday evenings here in Waikiki. I hope you enjoy.

1. Watch the Waikiki Sailing Regatta Friday Night Race from a Sailboat

As my husband prepares the boat, deciding which sail to use, we depart the Ala Wai Harbor around 5:00-5:30 p.m. My husband and I aren’t in the sailing regatta, however, we go sailing out behind them in these beautiful blue Pacific waters.

Ala Wai Boat Harbor in Waikiki, Oahu

As the brisk trade winds hit our sails, we sail away from the tall buildings that are blocking our wind while tied to the dock. I can see Diamond Head in the distance. The air is so clean and the sea breeze is fresh on your face. As we are doing a lap around the red buoy at Diamond Head we see the sailing regatta in front of us, the winning sailing vessel with several boats close behind.

2. Oahu Sightseeing

We also watch the surfers, the humpback whales, and dolphins from the boat, but you can catch glimpses from land too. My German Sheppard “Belle” loves the dolphins and she often barks at them. I think it’s their way of communicating. It’s fascinating to watch. As we pass the bite, Dukes, The Pink Palace, and the Hilton, I think to myself, “what a wonderful way to end the busy work week. We are so lucky to live Hawaii.”


My husband and I and our German Sheppard “Belle”

3. Hawaii Yacht Club Beach Barbeque

Once tied to the dock, we head over to the Hawaii Yacht Club. They are barbequing hamburgers on the grill. The $10.00 burger is a donation to the junior sailing clubs. We are starving and the smell is wonderful. With food and cocktail in hand we celebrate with high fives to the winning sailing team and all the sailors who are enjoying their evening.

4. Hilton Fireworks Show at Waikiki

It’s 7:45pm when the fireworks begin. They are hosted from the Hilton every Friday night. Oh, what a show! Applause and boat horns “go off” to say thank you. Ah, what a great evening at Waikiki. I know I am truly living my Waikiki dream!

waikiki fireworks





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