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Tulsi Gabbard
Tulsi Gabbard

BY TULSI GABBARD – President Obama yesterday traveled to Kabul to lay out a plan to end our eleven year-long war in Afghanistan by 2014, while committing significant military involvement until 2024.

With all due respects to our own President Obama, after 3,861 days of war, and generations of history, we should know that time doesn’t yield to change in Afghanistan — staying any longer will not result in progress. The Afghan people must determine their own future.

As a veteran, my most important responsibility in Congress will be to end this war immediately.


Everyday, the 90,000 brave American troops stationed in Afghanistan put their lives on the line in support of a determined, but futile, mission to sort out ancient tribal disputes. Everyday, scores of them are injured or killed, increasingly by their Afghan counterparts.


Despite the best efforts of those troops, the high cost of war continues to increase, as conditions on the ground diminish.


As someone who served two tours of duty with the 29th Brigade Combat Team in the Middle East, I have experienced firsthand the tremendous cost of war.  One of the reasons I am running for Congress is that I believe we should never keep our troops in danger for any longer than is absolutely necessary.  Every day that goes by, it becomes clearer that our troops must be brought home.



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