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ESA Spacecraft to Land on a Comet

ESA Spacecraft to Land on a Comet

By George Putic - After a long flight through deep space, a European Space Agency probe is finally approaching its target - a comet millions of kilometers away from earth.  Scientists say the mission may lead to some startling discoveries about the origins of the water on earth. - Ten years ago, a European Space […]

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Ryan M. Pitts SSGT U.S.A. - Medal of Honor goes to soldier 'who held the line'

450x300_q75 Ryan M Pitts 27Jul2014

  SSGT Ryan M. Pitts receives Medal of Honor from President Obama BY DUANE A.VACHON PH.D.  When the history books are written, the Battle of Wanat will undoubtedly go down as one of the most controversial of the Afghanistan war. Nine U.S. soldiers died in the battle and 27 others were wounded. Pitts is the ninth […]

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On Target Review: Converting a VEPR with SGM Tactical and ERGO Grip

SGM rifle 1

by Rob Kay It’s no secret that the vast majority of people who purchase sporterized VEPRs do so with the intention of converting them to a rifle with a more traditional AK "aesthetic". If you’re lucky enough to acquire a VEPR (given the current climate it will take a bit of luck to do so) […]

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Q&A with Marc Krebs, Jim Fuller and Chase Sisgold on sanctions


by Rob Kay For AK lovers, there’s no bigger story than the sanctions against Concern Kalashnikov, which in effect ban the importation of all Saigas and VEPRS. It’s hard to believe, but this is now a fact of life...at least for the near term future. What do these sanctions mean to us? I asked Marc Krebs […]

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Donald W. Evans, Jr. Sp 4 USA - POTENTIAL LOST

220px-Donald_Ward_Evans 19Jul2014

SP4 Donald W. Evans, Jr. USA Medal of Honor BY DUANE A. VACHON PH.D.  One of the great loves in Evans life was the Riverside International Raceway. Only 30 miles from Evans home town, Covina California. During the 60’s and 70’s Riverside was the gathering place of those who loved racing. Nascar raced there as […]

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Smart Road 'Talks' to Cars, Warns of Dangers

Smart Road 'Talks' to Cars, Warns of Dangers

By Carolyn Presutti - BLACKSBURG, VIRGINIA — How would you drive differently if traffic signals could tell you when they were about to turn red? Or, if your car could warn you of a pedestrian crossing the road ahead of you? Researchers are working on these advances on what’s called a “Smart Road” in Virginia. […]

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Mindfulness Movement a ‘Revolution’ for Stressed Americans

Mindfulness Movement a ‘Revolution’ for Stressed Americans

  By Jerome Socolovsky - It used to be done mainly at spiritual retreats and in yoga centers, but now mindfulness meditation is practiced in offices, schools, prisons and even the U.S. military. Although it’s been around for decades, the mindfulness movement is being called a revolution. Advocates say it reduces anxiety, and it can […]

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German Study Hints Diabetes Drug Cuts Alzheimer's Risk

File - Patients with Alzheimer's and dementia during a therapy session inside the Alzheimer foundation in Mexico City.

A large German study is the latest clinical trial to suggest that a cheap generic treatment for diabetes can stave off symptoms of Alzheimer's disease, although conclusive proof from a more formal trial could be about five years away. Earlier studies have suggested that people and animals given the widely used pill for type-2 diabetes, […]

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Discovery of Extraterrestrial Life 'Within Reach' Says NASA

File - Drawing of how exoplanet 'PH2 b' might look from its moon (Univ. Oxford/Haven Giguere)

NASA scientists say they’re closer than ever to finding life beyond Earth. At a July 14 panel discussion, several leading NASA scientists outlined the agency’s roadmap to find life and looked back on the discoveries that paved the way. While NASA continues to look for life in the solar system, namely on Mars and the […]

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Edward A. DeVore, Jr. Specialist 4 USA - The last measure of devotion

Sp4c Edward A. DeVore, Jr. Medal of Honor, Vietnam

  BY DUANE A. VACHON, PH.D.  Edward A. DeVore, Jr. was born in Torrance, California on June 15, 1947.  He was 20 years old when he joined the army in Harbor City, California.  DeVore would not live to see his 21st birthday.  He gave his life for his country before he was old enough to […]

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