Thursday, November 15, 2018

ThinkTech: Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker – Special Session Update

This week Gene Ward and I discuss the special session that the Governor announced for the end of August.  Hold on to your wallets!!  More taxes...

Homeless in Hawaii

Homeless in Hawaii - Very powerful and informative video!

Think Tech: Business in Hawaii – Special Edition

Anyone with any sense knows that the future of the GOP (or any political party for that matter) lies with the younger generation. Time...

ThinkTech: Hawaii House Republican Update

What a fast paced and informative show we had this week on Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker!! The two GOP leaders in Hawaii give us...

Think Tech: Business in Hawaii with Reg Baker and OHA Trustee Akina

This current show was interesting to say the least! Trustee Akina and I spoke on a variety of issues facing Hawaii and the business community.

Public Long Term Care Assistance Helps Businesses Retain Experienced Employees

Mimi Beams is an effervescent 69 year old sales and marketing executive who will soon be retiring from her current position in an executive...