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RIM PAC Chute Drop Demonstrates State of the Art Equipment, Well Trained Personnel

Jack Schneider

BY JACK SCHNEIDER - Last week, I had the privilege of observing a parachute drop from the belly of a C-17, part of the RIM PAC exercises here in the Pacific. As a bit of background on myself, I was a fighter pilot during the Vietnam War, and I always believed that there was absolutely […]

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NSA Surveillance Causes Journalists to Have to Act Like Drug Dealers to Protect Sources

Credit: somegeekintn / photo on flickr courtesy of Reason.com

By Scott Shackford - Fake information trails and burner phones. If you’re wondering how journalists who cover sensitive federal government issues have adapted to the discovery that there’s even more snooping going on than all but the most paranoid of them thought, it’s a complicated mess. Human Rights Watch and the American Civil Liberties Union […]

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On Target Review: Converting a VEPR with SGM Tactical and ERGO Grip

SGM rifle 1

by Rob Kay It’s no secret that the vast majority of people who purchase sporterized VEPRs do so with the intention of converting them to a rifle with a more traditional AK "aesthetic". If you’re lucky enough to acquire a VEPR (given the current climate it will take a bit of luck to do so) […]

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Q&A with Marc Krebs, Jim Fuller and Chase Sisgold on sanctions


by Rob Kay For AK lovers, there’s no bigger story than the sanctions against Concern Kalashnikov, which in effect ban the importation of all Saigas and VEPRS. It’s hard to believe, but this is now a fact of life...at least for the near term future. What do these sanctions mean to us? I asked Marc Krebs […]

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Volunteer Developers Work Together to Create Apps for Transparency

Natalie Iwasa

BY NATALIE IWASA - Have you ever tried to figure out who’s monetarily supporting a particular candidate or how your political contributions are being spent? Would you like to know all of the candidates in a particular race – not just the ones the media chooses to cover? Wouldn’t complete candidate profiles be nice? While […]

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You Yearn For Progress In Your Life. Now What?

Russ Gerber

By RUSS GERBER -- The moments that followed a deep-down prayer for help many years ago had an all-alone, helpless feel to them. On the surface, nothing had changed and I was heartbroken. Hours of contemplation, listening, yearning to be heard and helped, and still no answer, no help. If there was a divine influence […]

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Would You Be Shocked? Hawaii's Power Prices the Highest in the Nation

Tom Yamachika, Tax Foundation of Hawaii

By Tom Yamachika - When most of us pay at the gasoline pump, we know the prices are very high relative to the mainland. Part of the problem is the different taxes that are imposed on fuel. We are actually going to talk about something else, but we will return to this later. What you […]

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Health Alert: Obesity, Diabetes and Gluten Intolerance May Be Caused by Foods Contaminated with GE Baker's Yeast

Kauai vegetables

BY SYDNEY SINGER - While debate rages over the health impacts of GMO foods, the food supply may already be contaminated with genetically modified microorganisms designed to produce drugs, including hormones, causing a host of metabolic diseases. Obesity, type 2 diabetes and the health problems associated with eating gluten and wheat might actually be caused […]

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Hawaii Under Attack From The Air!

Arial ads hawaii

No, it's not Pearl Harbor. But from some of the reactions we're seeing, you might think the Imperial Japanese Navy was once again anchored off of our fair shores. But thankfully no, it's only aerial advertising, one small airplane towing a sign. But the airplane's sorties have been generating attention like you wouldn't believe. Hawaii has […]

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The NSA's Online Dragnet

FILE - President Barack Obama, July 10, 2014.

By Jacob Sullum - As an Illinois senator running for president in 2008, Barack Obama promised there would be no more "wiretaps without warrants" under his administration. He abandoned that position even before he was elected to the White House, voting for legislation that amended the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) to let the National […]

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