BY TOM BERG – Council District One got it right. We voted against the shipping of sludge from Sand Island Wastewater Treatment plant to facilities in Ewa, Kailua, and Waianae. Our position began on June 3rd when I voted NO to Bill 14 (a bill that stripped the funding for the upgrades to sewer treatment) and voted YES to an amendment to restore the $26 million to fund Sand Island Wastewater Treatment facility taking care of its own capacity needs. See the discussion HERE. Also, another segment HERE on KHON news.

The City Council, against my recommendation, chose to come up with a plan to prioritize $21 million to fund HART and their (rail) office spaces, while refusing to fund $26 million for basic sewer necessities that will in turn, create a new expenditure for the taxpayer costing just under $2 million a year to truck sludge to wastewater treatment plants in our district. I voted to prioritize water and sewer expenditures to meet the requisites for compliance and the Council may be taking action to revisit this issue and reassess the situation.

For those following the rail project, HERE is a news story on the expenses for the Authority on Rapid Transportation.

The ability for government to get out of the way and let the goodwill of private property owners take part in the homeless crisis and enhance agricultural sustainability, protection of crops, deterrence of illegal dumping, availability of labor, and other assets, is gaining momentum. See our new flyer HERE and watch television coverage HEREfrom our TOWN HALL MEETING held July 12 at Makaha Elementary School.

Watch a new video HERE from Nanakuli – the GIVEBACK concert that took place July 9.

Watch a new video HERE covering festivities from July 4, 2011, recorded at the Hawaiian Railway Society for a Military Appreciation Train Ride.

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