The Internet hacking group, Anonymous, has released a confidential recording of law enforcement officials from the United States and Britain discussing operations about how to bring down the group.

Anonymous put the roughly 15-minute recording on the Internet Friday. On the recorded conference call, officials from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation and Britain’s Scotland Yard traded jokes about the hacking collective and discussed leads. One British detective is heard discussing an alleged 15-year-old hacker who he describes as “a bit of an idiot.”

The FBI confirmed the authenticity of the recording and said a criminal investigation is under way to identify those responsible.

The leak was one of several Anonymous hacks Friday.

The group also attacked the website of the Greek Justice Ministry and a site operated by the Boston police department. It also claimed credit for defacing the website of a law firm that defended a U.S. Marine convicted in the 2005 killing of Iraqi civilians.



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