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House Majority Rejects Governor's Gay Marriage Proposal

TIME TO VOTE: Gov. Neil Abercrombie, the Hawaii Democratic Party and numerous special interest groups want a special session to legalize gay marriage but the House Democrats don't have the 26 votes they need to pass the measure

Governor Neil Abercrombie, D-HI, has been dumped at the altar so to speak. House Democrats met behind closed doors yesterday to determine if they have 26 votes needed to pass a gay marriage bill.

Hawaii already has a reciprocal beneficiaries law and a civil unions law, but Abercrombie wants a special session to pass a gay marriage bill now, and he has the support of the state Senate.

After learning he did not have the votes in the House, Abercrombie released a draft of his proposed gay marriage bill, saying he wants to show his office is doing its due diligence and being transparent on the issue.

The governor hopes to meet with House and Senate majority leadership next week to continue to discuss the possibility of a special session.

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8 Comments for “House Majority Rejects Governor's Gay Marriage Proposal”

  1. [...] Democrats control the majority in both the House and the Senate in the state legislature, they seem unable to garner the two-thirds majority needed in the House to get the bill to Abercrombie’s desk. Abercrombie’s version of the bill extends [...]

  2. Although gay marriage is a big deal because homosexuals should have the same rights as the rest of us, I think there are bigger issues right now going on and gay marriage is drawing attention from these issues

  3. Why marriage life of a governor interest other than himself and his boyfriend?!

  4. It's so medieval to think that you should have an opinion about sexual life of somebody. As long as they don't have any problem with yours, why you should have with theirs?

  5. There is a quote that says, among others: "small people talk about others". And it's true. Why is gay marriage such a problem for Hawaii?

  6. The governor hopes to meet with House and Senate majority leadership next week to continue to discuss the possibility of a special session.

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