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Investigation Continues into Company that Defrauded University of Hawaii of $200,000

Alvin Crosby (click here to see his criminal record)

BY MALIA ZIMMERMAN - As Hawaii Reporter continues to dig into Epic Talent LLC, the company that claimed it could put on a Stevie Wonder Concert at the University of Hawaii, we’ve learned some new facts about its principals, Sannise "Sunny" Crosby and Sean Barriero.

The two live just five miles apart in Miami Gardens, Florida, and on her Facebook page, Crosby claims their relationship status as being "engaged."

Crosby uses her home address as her contact in her business registration records for EPIC Talent LLC and a painting company she and her dad run called Divine Painting.

In addition to tax liens against both Sannise Crosby and her painting company that total some $107,000, the family was cited in 2008 by the city of Miami Gardens for illegally operating a business from their house without a license.

Their home, which is in a poor suburb outside Miami Gardens, is also the address used by Alvin Crosby Jr.
 who has aliases including Alvin M Crosby Jr.
, David Woodard
and Alvin Maurice Crosby Jr.

Sannise Crosby

Alvin Crosby is a sex offender, who was convicted of "child molestation" and "lewd lascivious" acts in April 1995, and according to his sentence must continue to register as a sex offender. Public records in Florida show he uses Sannise Crosby’s home as his last known address.

While on a fact finding mission in Florida, Hawaii Reporter went to Sannise Crosby’s home and spoke with another man, her uncle, who claimed he did not know anything about Sannise Crosby representing some of the nation’s top talent. He said he worked in the painting business with Sannise’s father, Gamal Crosby, his brother.

Sean Barriero runs an auto parts export business called Barriero Export Caribbean Corporation from his home, according to public records.

Barriero is affiliated with a number of other businesses in Florida, which operate out of homes in Miami Gardens or from mailbox drops. One of his businesses, CTN-J Investments, has many of the same principals and uses the same phone number as a coffin distributor in Miami.

Sannise Crosby and Sean Barriero conned the University of Hawaii out of a $200,000 deposit by claiming they represent the nation’s top talent like Stevie Wonder, Beyonce, Jay Z, Kanye West and Prince.

But their worldwide headquarters of Epic Talent LLC in Miami, Florida, is just a mailbox drop.

Sean Barriero of Epic Talent LLC

University officials learned of the con in July when Stevie Wonder's real agents contacted them.

State Senators, in their second of two investigative hearings yesterday, criticized the University administration for not looking into Epic Talent LLC before wiring the $200,000 deposit last July.

Rich Sheriff, stadium manager, said they relied on local promoter Robert Peyton who supposedly checked out Epic Talent LLC and gave the University instructions to wire the money.

Peyton was unable to testify because he has been seriously ill in Castle Medical Center after suffering complications from diabetes.

Sannise Crosby shows off her engagement ring after Sean Barriero proposes

The concert was set for August 18 at the Stan Sheriff Center on the University campus. More than 6,000 tickets had to be refunded to ticket buyers.

Calls to Sean Barriero and Sannise Crosby have gone unreturned.

Hawaii Reporter spoke briefly to Sannise Crosby by phone from her uncle's phone at her home, and she confirmed Epic Talent LLC has no worldwide headquarters, and operates exclusively from a mailbox drop.

She said she would call back in 45 minutes to set a time and place to talk about her company's services, but she never called.

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