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Is Neil Abercrombie Lying? - Further Evidence of Hawaii Candidate's Connection to Democratic Socialists of America

BY TREVOR LOUDON - Despite a categorical denial, evidence is mounting that leading Hawaii gubernatorial candidate Neil Abercrombie, is a covert socialist. What is worse, he may be lying about it.

In response to a July 12 post questioning whether that Mr Abercrombie was a member of America's largest marxist organization, Democratic Socialists of America, his campaign issued a statement saying;

QUESTION: Was Neil a member of the Democratic Socialists of America or any other socialist or communist organization?

ANSWER: NO. Neil has never been part of any socialist or communist organization.

My original post included documentary evidence, from Democratic Socialists of America publications - none of which was challenged or refuted by the Abercrombie campaign

  • D.S.A.’s Democratic Left newspaper, November/December 1990 issue, page 4, described Neil Abercrombie as a , “DSAer Democrat". The term "DSAer" is common in D.S.A. literature and is used interchangeably with "DSA member".
  • Neil Abercrombie's wife, Nancie Caraway was listed as a member of the 1985 Democratic Socialists of America Feminist Commission.
  • According to a Winter 2006 Democratic Left, page 4 article on D.S.A. support for then Congressman Bernie Sanders, Neil Abercrombie attended a July 5, 2006, D.S.A. event in Washington D.C.

For scans of the documentary evidence to support these claims, go here

Now comes yet further documentary evidence of Abercrombie's ties to D.S.A.

From Democratic Left September/October 1992, page 20

Note in the above text that Neil Abercrombie gave an "extemporaneous, impassioned speech" to an explicitly D.S.A. organized "Socialist Caucus" during that year's Democratic Party convention.

The other speakers at the Socialist Caucus , Cornel West, Bob Fitrakis and Ed Vargas were all confirmed members of Democratic Socialists of America.

Note that Fitrakis was standing for Congress in Ohio, on the Democratic Party ticket. He was unsuccessful, but it proves the point that "DSAers" did stand for Congress, under the Democratic banner.

Also Ed Vargas (a former leader of the Marxist-Leninist , Puerto Rican Socialist Party) openly boasts of how "progressives took over the Hartdford (Connecticut) Democratic Party."

Vargas was then chair of the Hartford Democratic Party and has also served on the national Democratic Party's Credentials Committee.

How does Neil Abercrombie explain this connection?

Either Democratic Socialists of America decided to tell lies about Neil Abercrombie in 1999, 1992 and 2006, or Mr Abercrombie is the one whose memory is at fault.

As Neil Abercrombie is a leading contender for the governorship of Hawaii, surely it is a matter of public concern to clarify both his honesty and true political allegiances?

Hard documentary evidence pins Neil Abercrombie to Democratic Socialists of America.

Abercrombie emphatically denies that he was ever "part" of this organization.

Who will ask Neil Abercrombie the hard questions?

SEE MORE AT http://newzeal.blogspot.com/2010/08/is-neil-abercrombie-lying-further.html

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1 Comment for “Is Neil Abercrombie Lying? - Further Evidence of Hawaii Candidate's Connection to Democratic Socialists of America”

  1. "Who will ask Neil Abercrombie the hard questions?" That statement is starting to serve as an indictment of our local media. Because Neil's socialist background is not the only issue Abercrombie has obfuscated on. He is quick to yell "smear" and "negative campaigning" if asked about his record in Congress, and the media let's it slide every time.

    Just today, phony procurement violations filed by Abercrombie cohorts, Ben Cayetano and Ann Kobayasi, were rejected by the state. What does Ben have to say....he was "smeared" by Hannemann for saying this was obviously politically motivated!!!!!!!

    Where's the outrage? Where's the hard questions? Wake up Hawaii.

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