BY DONNA SWEER – For 10 years, Hawaiian citizens have requested island wide and U.S. Government official hearings of the Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act that would reclassify Native Hawaiians as Native Americans and establish a separate, sovereign, race-based nation on all islands of the archipelago.

Many question how people who came from islands far removed from the American continent can be considered American Indians. Also, the blood requirements would exclude 73% of all Native Hawaiians.

The United States Civil Rights Commission has recommended against passage of the so called Akaka Bill or any legislation that would discriminate on the basis of race or national origin and further subdivide the American people into discrete subgroups accorded varying degrees of privilege. The bill is being put forth without input or consent of the people of Hawaii which violates the very foundation of democratic tradition. Polls done by the Grassroot Institute of Hawaii  show that approximately 60% of the citizens oppose this bill.

The most recent version (the Akaka Bill has had at least 12 versions) S3945 was introduced to the Senate in late November and has not been released from senate committee for debate.  Since there is probably no time for debate it is certain that Hawaii’s U.S. Sen. Daniel Inouye will attempt his infamous earmark tactics now because next year the House majority will not be as receptive of such civil rights concerns and spending.

U.S, Senators Kyl, Alexander, Cornyn and Coburn became aware of Inouye’s stealth maneuver to slip this controversial measure into the CR (Continuing Resolution) which is to continue the government’s programs temporarily until Congress votes an actual “budget.”  It is not intended to include major regulatory initiatives, such as huge spending increases or initiatives such as S.510, the fake “food safety” bill.

Those four Senators submitted that the Akaka Bill is very complex and divisive.  And they noted that the People’s recent vote indicated that they “are very tired of backroom deals that are inserted in costly secret packages manipulated behind closed doors.”

It is typical of Members of Congress to add such bills in a Lame Duck Omnibus Appropriations Bill (called the Christmas Tree for earmarks and riders) or a Continuing Resolution.

The Akaka Bill is unfunded and would require a never-ending flood of American tax dollars for the maintenance of a complete and separate nation.

There are presently 600 state and federal grants to help Native Hawaiians and the Native Hawaiian Community.  As of November, 2010, 791 grants totalling approximately $286,761,691.00 have been received. (That is $286 million)

Please go to to read more and sign a petition (free) to demand public hearings on all islands before Congressional action is taken that is divisive and will have untold economic,cultural and personal consequences.

The Washington Capitol number is 202 224-3121.  Ask for any Senator you wish (it is important to leave a message.

You can also call 1-800 771-1705 to sign Huckabee’s all-out national campaign to repeal healthcare. (also free).

Donna Sweer is a resident of the Big Island and member of the Kona Tea Party.