The home where the Obamas are staying in Kailua is nearly impossible to see from the beach but can be seen by boat
The home where the Obamas are staying in Kailua is nearly impossible to see from the beach but can be seen by boat

No President Yet – First Family Enjoying Hawaiian Holiday Out of Media Spotlight

As Congress continues to debate the payroll tax cut and unemployment payment extensions, President Barack Obama has delayed his Hawaiian vacation.

He was expected to arrive over the weekend, but has postponed his arrival in the islands until the issues are resolved.

Meanwhile the First lady, daughters Sasha and Malia, and several of their friends are here vacationing out of the media spotlight.

They’ve rented several beachfront homes along Kailuana Place at their own expense.

But taxpayers are funding an estimated $4 million junket for the First family’s security, staff and transportation. See the full report here

Kamehameha Reaches Settlement Over Confidentiality Breach

Kamehameha Schools reached a settlement over a confidentiality breach with plaintiffs who sued the school in 2003 over its Hawaiians only admission policy.

The federal civil rights lawsuit, which was filed by a mother and her child, was settled out of court for $7 million.

There was a $2 million penalty clause if that figure was made public.

Another attorney who had represented the pair, John Goemans, revealed the figure in the media.

The Schools sued the mother and child and their attorney Eric Grant.

Under the settlement, the school will be repaid $1 million plus another $400,000 in legal fees.

Public Not Supportive of Honolulu Rail Project, Poll Shows

Mayor Peter Carlisle is pushing for the $5.3 billion Honolulu rail project to be built even if $1.5 billon in federal funding doesn’t materialize.

But Hawaii Reporter readers are apparently not supportive of the idea.

A new reader poll shows just 76 of 968 participants believe the elevated 20 mile steel-on-steel rail project should be built no matter how expensive it is.

Some 138 of 968 participants say the project should be halted until federal funds are secured.

The majority of respondents, or 754 people, say the rail project should be scrapped all together.

How do you feel? Cast your vote on’s home page today.
And for Baby and Cat Lovers, A Story Not to Be Missed

The London Daily Mail reports on Stewie the black cat with glowing yellow eyes who figures out what all parents want to know – how to put a crying infant to sleep.

Stewie, who lies along side the crying infant, uses his soft black paw to stroke the baby’s head until he stops crying and falls asleep.

Check out the story here and the video on youtube here





  1. Oh come on people…
    I think he is the best thing for America in recent history… WONDERFUL!!! 4 more years and this country will be purged of a corrupt congress and senate because the people are gonna purge every politician out by civil war…. There will be unrest like never seen in America. Because now Americans believe that good is bad and bad is good. Once this country goes even further to hell in a hand basket there will be a purging… When Americans can’t say “Merry Christmas” because good is bad and once they can’t store more than seven days worth of food because good is bad and once they can’t own a gun because good is bad….. There will be a purging of the bad by the good!!!!! So lets pull together and re-elect this person…. OBAMA2012!!!!! yahooooooooo

    • You will see a “purge” all right. Obozo will be kicked out of office and the Republicans will control the House, the Senate and the Presidency. Then you will have the change everyone wants. The kids will be out of the White House and adults will take over and run this country the way it should be run.
      The Democrats are history for at least one maybe two decades.
      The only people who vote Democratic are welfare recipients, illegal aliens, drug addicts, union thugs, main stream media reporters, bed wetter’s and idiots.

  2. Come on Malia, this “article” is nothing more than a cut and paste from The Blaze. Which is nothing more than another avenue for Glenn Beck’s brand of country dividing psycho-babble.

    IF you are going to cite supposed facts and figures in a story, at least give credit to the articles you get them from – no matter how inaccurate they may be.

  3. I wish I could afford a $4 million dollar vacation, even if the taxpayers of the United States did pay for it.
    Over 90 rounds of golf since becoming President. That alone speaks volumes.

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