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Obama Friend Titcomb Fined $500 for Soliciting Prostitution Charge

BY JIM DOOLEY - President Obama’s longtime friend Robert R. “Bobby” Titcomb was fined $500 this morning after entering a deferred plea of no contest to a charge of soliciting prostitution.

Robert R. "Bobby" Titcomb HPD Photo

The deferral, granted over the objection of the Prosecutor’s Office by District Judge Leslie Hayashi, means the charge against Titcomb will be dismissed if he stays out of legal trouble over the next six months.

Titcomb, 49, was not at the hearing this morning. His lawyer, William Harrison, said Titcomb is off island and had provided a letter authorities explaining his absence.

Hayashi ordered Titcomb to pay a $500 fine plus court fees of $30.

He posted $500 bail after he was arrested by Honolulu police officers early last month on the misdemeanor criminal charge.

That money will be used to pay his fine, said Harrison.

“It’s been a very difficult time for my client and his family,” Harrison said outside court, declining further comment.

When Harrison asked the judge to accept the deferred no contest plea, Deputy Prosecutor Kurt Nakamatsu objected, saying Titcomb had received a similar deferral in 1989 on a traffic charge of leaving the scene of an accident.

Titcomb was also convicted of a contempt of court charge in 1986, the prosecutor said.

“He already had a chance to keep his record clean,” Nakamatsu argued to Hayashi.

The judge granted the deferral and ordered Titcomb to appear at an October 19 hearing to prove that he has complied with the sentence.

Harrison also appeared for Titcomb in Wahiawa Traffic Court least week to reach a plea bargain in an excessive speeding case against Titcomb.

He had been charged with travelling 58 miles per hour in a 25 mph zone March 4 but was allowed to plead guilty to a reduced charge.

Titcomb’s arrest last month made news around the country. He was a Punahou high school classmate of President Barack Obama and regularly socializes with the president when the Obama family visits Hawaii.


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3 Comments for “Obama Friend Titcomb Fined $500 for Soliciting Prostitution Charge”

  1. [...] his attorney, Titcomb reportedly pleaded “no contest” to the charge and paid a $500 fine plus $30 for court costs.  Titcomb was [...]

  2. Was he part of obam's choom gang, you know, part of dear leader "la Familia" where they all get preferential treatment such as illegal auntie Zeitouni, and uncle Onyanga obma?!! Just part of our new fundamentally transformed twisted abnormal world!

  3. Caught in the spotlight in a very bad way! He should be ashamed...

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