1. And anyone whom thinks this corrupt government can run a 2000 plus page (and growing) "health care" boondoggle is so naive as to be labeled pathetic.
    We are celebrating "Independence Day" (which would be more appropriately labeled another "Barbecue Day" to most of our ill-informed public) tomorrow and as I have stated elsewhere, unless some miracle happens almost immediately, history will later record November 6, 2012 as "Dependence Day", the day duped Americans (and non-Americans) voted for "fundamental transformation" to Marxism, effectively ending freedom in this country.
    And you dissenters don't get mad at me, you've got what you wanted, what's done is done. Now the country will get what it deserves (unless that miracle takes place).

  2. 1913 was the year President Wilson began the New World Order. Americans have been sleeping ever since. Truth be Told, it is the Baby Boom Generation [1946 -1964] that is so concerned about owning stuff, that has caused our once great nation to become socialized.

    Our grandparents, [1896-1914] would be ashamed. They fought WW 1, Prohibition, lived through the Depression, etc…

  3. The IRS is a pain in the a** for all of us, but until we understand we can't exist as a society without taxes we won't be able to truly evolve!

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