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”Bush Protesters Line Streets of Washington D.C., Supporters Quietly Rally Behind the Scenes”

In Washington D.C. this past weekend, protesters, many who dressed like hippies or draped themselves in steel rings on every visible part of their body, lined the streets with their makeshift drums and signs, screaming they want “peace, not war.”

Ironically, many of the people chaotically rallying for “peace” got into fist fights or shouting matches with those around them and spit at the many police officers there in force to ensure no person or property was injured.

Protesters carried French and Iraqi flags, and waved them proudly before the Washington National Monument and before monuments to many other of America’s great leaders and founding fathers.

The frantic pulse of the chanting and drum beating could be felt all around the city. But inside the Pentagon, where America’s military leaders are focusing on protecting Americans, including those protesting, there was no chanting, no screaming, no fighting –