Voters will head to the polls Saturday, September 18, to vote in Hawaii’s primary election, many armed with a list of favorite candidates.

But if past elections are an indication of participation in the Board of Education Special Non Partisan race, of all candidates, “blank” votes will dominate the results.

Many readers have called Hawaii Reporter for guidance.

Although Hawaii Reporter does not endorse candidates, our 2010 Election Guide highlighted answers from the majority of Board of Education Candidates.

Here is a brief recap of their positions: (District I: Oahu)

*If funding is available.        **Need more information.   ***Undecided   ****Legislation

Noela Andres-Nance:

Melanie Bailey:

Kathy Bryant-Hunter:

Malcolm Kirkpatrick:

Marcia Linville:

Robert Phillips Mayor:

Brian Yamane:

Randall M.L. Yee:

Pamela Young:

Other candidates: Todd Hairgrove; Kim Coco Iwamoto; Roger Takabayashi: No responses received.

District II: (Neighbor Islands)

Barry Wurst: