A group of Hawaii entrepreneurs have teamed up to develop a new project focused on, well, … Zombies, but this is not just for Halloween.

Daniela Stolfi-Tow, owner of Boss Hawaii, a web site development company, helped create and launch The Hawaii Zombie Project this week.

She said the web site – Hawaiizombies.com – helps socially conscious people support non-profits and small businesses in a new, fun way.

The Hawaii Zombies will choose a qualified non profit, then stay up for 48 hours straight getting their message out to 2 million people via social media.

They are also helping to raise money for the The Marimed Foundation, SupportMyClass.org, 
Malama Hawaii, Easter Seals and Moanalua Gardens Foundation.

The web site reads THE [ZOMBIES] ARE COMING!

“So you may ask what the heck is this? Hawaii Zombies? Why Zombies?” Stolfi-Tow asked. “Well because new media professionals are incredibly focused on a cause, never sleep, and have all the braaaaaaiiiiinnnns! JUST LIKE ZOMBIES!”

It might be a little silly, she said, but their purpose is serious.

“The Zombies are the name we give the new media professionals who have chosen to use their skills to help the community for this project. Our Zombies have been working in the community for years and found a frustration with being unable to provide non profits with the services they deserve due to budget limitations or being overextended on pro bono work. So we created this project to help,” Stolfi-Tow said.

Each Zombie has agreed to dedicate a certain amount of pro bono work for each project. But through funding and sponsorship, they are still paid but at a reduced non-profit rate.

“The combination of both, allow us to take care of the businesses providing the services while also giving the non profit the services they need at a much lower rate if not entirely free,” she said.

The other Zombies include:

  • Ryan Sweeney – BOSS / Jackson Ink PR
  • Louis Galdeira – Get Social
  • Brook Gramann – Brand Digital
  • David Gramann – Up and Running IT
  • Kay Yamaguchi – Yamaguchi Designs
  • Maleko McDonnel

Non-profits need and deserve quality websites and services to share their important cause, Stolfi-Tow said.

“Very often non-profits have little to no budgets and are left to try and find someone to help. Often they end up with substandard work. Other times they are stuck trying to do it themselves. Our program is the first of its kind that will help non profits in need, get websites and other services really cheap and even free,” she said.

The project will offer:

  • Grants for websites and services including graphic design and social media;
  • Efforts to raise awareness for causes through a series of special events;
  • Recycled websites (They collect donated unused websites and recycle them for people in need).

Stolfi-Tow said she hopes readers have been “ bitten” and “will pass the ZOMBIE love on.”

They are looking for donations and also welcoming new Zombies (ie new talent) into the club. They are also looking for non-profits to apply for their services.

See more on the web: http://www.hawaiizombies.com/