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University of Hawaii Hires New Chancellor At $439,008 Per Year

BY JIM DOOLEY - University of Hawaii regents today hired Dr. Tom Apple as new Manoa campus chancellor

Tom Apple

at a salary of $439,008 per year -- $100,000 more than outgoing chancellor Virginia Hinshaw.

Although some regents had privately expressed misgivings about the salary escalation in tight economic times, the vote was unanimous.

Regents Dennis Hirota and Chuck Gee said they had been prepared to vote against Apple, provost at the University of Delaware, but were ultimately convinced that he was the best candidate for the position and that his salary was justified.

Hinshaw has been chancellor for three years and departs in July on a 10-month sabbatical, collecting $28,740 per month while she is away. When she returns she will take a tenured position at the University's School of Medicine.

UH President M.R.C. Greenwood said Apple “is currently making substantially more than Chancellor Hinshaw

M.R.C. Greenwood

so when we made an effort to attract him here, frankly, he’s making what amounts to a lateral move.”

She said she believes “he’s worth every penny we’re paying him”

Apple was hired for a five-year term but serves at the pleasure of Greenwood and the regents and will be subject to regular performance reviews.

Opposition to the hire was expressed by University of Hawaii faculty union executive J.N. Musto, who said it is too costly and continues an unnecessary “duplication of services and positions” in the UH hierarchy begun under former UH President Evan Dobelle.

Musto suggested that the current UH Vice President for Academic Affairs could serve as “operational officer” for

Virginia Hinshaw

the Manoa campus, leaving Greenwood to “once again assume the role of leader of the academic community” at UH.

Thomas Robinson, head of the Graduate Students Organization at UH, objected to the regents’ earlier decision to pay Hinshaw nearly $29,000 per month while she is on leave.

Robinson called that amount “very large, especially at a time when our tuition was just increased and the University is claiming poverty.”

He said Hinshaw’s monthly salary is “more than any graduate student makes in an entire year” and “seems a little irresponsible.”

Apple will be paid $36,584 pr month.


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  1. This insanity will continue as long as there is total control by the democrats. This is pure greed.

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