REPORT FROM RON PAUL’S HAWAII CAMPAIGN TEAM – The Ron Paul 2012 Presidential Campaign announced today new members of its active “Veterans for Ron Paul” Nationwide Coalition.

Veterans joining the coalition reside in Hawaii, Honolulu, and Maui Counties where they will assist in spreading the word about Congressman Paul’s tireless commitment to veterans.   The 12-term Congressman is the only veteran in the race for the office of President.

Veteran Calen Dean of Aiea served in the Hawaii Air Guard.  His support for Congressman Paul comes from seeing the wasteful spending by our federal government.  He said he had colleagues who volunteered to go overseas to make money, not in defense of our country.  Dean said, “The unconstitutional printing of money by the Federal Reserve and subsequent bailouts have crippled our economy.  Ron Paul is the only candidate who grasps the knowledge of the economic system to fix it.”

Don Jusko, a decorated veteran of the U.S. Navy, has been studying Congressman Paul daily.  He found that his consistent views appealed to him, particularly Paul’s principled stand to always follow the Constitution, his push to audit the Federal Reserve, return the country to the gold standard, and balance the budget.  Jusko declared, “Ron Paul will end these unconstitutional wars and bring our troops home, and protect our borders.”

Kaunakakai veteran Kimo Lowe feels our Constitution is being violated, and our citizens are being disenfranchised.  Lowe said, “Dr. Paul speaks the truth, and supports our troops.  It is obvious that the troops also support him.”  Further, Lowe said, “ He follows in the footsteps of Thomas Jefferson, seeking not anarchy, nor violence, but justice, demanding that the Constitution be upheld.”

Veteran Andres Mukk of Mililani stated his support for Congressman Paul comes from realizing that his voting record best represents the key planks of the Hawaii Republican Party platform.  Mukk stated,  “Paul’s record clearly supports liberty, limited government, individual responsibility, fiscal accountability, and equality of opportunity, all matters Hawaiian Republicans find important.”

Cynthia Verschuur of Pahoa served as a surface warfare officer, and also supports the Texas Congressman.  Verschuur echoed similar sentiments as the other members of the coalition in stating why she joined the veterans group.

This announcement follows a recent one concerning Ron Paul having received far more donations from active military men and women than all the other candidates combined.

A flight surgeon during the Cold War era, Ron Paul’s commitment to veterans was recently showcased in the campaign’s television ad ‘He Served.’  The campaign’s more recent television ad titled ‘Secure’ highlights Dr. Paul’s plan to keep America safe.

As a function of this announcement, all of the above-mentioned persons are members of the “Veterans for Ron Paul” nationwide coalition, in particular its Hawaii steering committee.

As a first basic step, those wanting to join the active “Veterans for Ron Paul” nationwide coalition should complete the Hawaii State coalition sign-up form, and then visit the official national coalition web page by clicking here.