Aiona Already Released Policy Issues, ​Only Candidate So Far

Lt Governor James 'Duke' Aiona
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Lt Governor James 'Duke' Aiona
Former Lt Governor James ‘Duke’ Aiona

REPORT FROM CAMPAIGN OF DUKE AIONA FOR GOVERNOR – Duke Aiona’s innovative policies prove that more of the same is not an option. And the upcoming election promises to send a thunderclap across the nation: Hawai‘i is ready for a change, for real solutions and not rhetoric.

As a man of action for all of Hawai‘i’s generations, Duke Aiona has released three key initiatives. Each is a detailed plan with practical solutions for our state’s toughest issues: Homelessness, Affordable Housing, and Education. None of Aiona’s opponents have released any initiatives.


“I have a vision for the future of our Hawai‘i,” Aiona states, “that moves all of us forward from the first day I become Governor.”


“We are in crisis mode with a homeless population which has increased 30% since 2010,” reported Aiona during his June 16 press conference. “It is not a city problem. It is not a state problem. It’s a community problem. We need to come together in the spirit of aloha to address homelessness together.”

Aiona’s homeless initiative unifies authorities in a three-pronged effort. One highlight? It would immediately impact over two-thirds of Hawai‘i’s homeless. Another highlight? “As Governor and Commander-in-Chief of our National Guard, I will direct our Guard to ‘leave no servicemember behind’ with peer-to-peer outreach.” And Aiona, who founded Hawai‘i’s Drug Court, proposed a Homeless Court that immediately gets homeless off the streets and into programs.


“The time is now to address the extreme affordable housing shortage,” said Aiona at his July 15 media event. Aiona’s initiative does all of this without raising taxes. In seven years, about 19,500 people will be in affordable homes. A win-win for all.


An Associate’s degree through a no-cost, opt-in program? Available to students, especially in our underserved communities who have a desire to be college- & career-ready? And paid for by business partnerships benefiting both parties? All true and all part of Aiona’s Early College Education program unveiled at the September 4 press conference.


As a judge, coach & family man, Duke Aiona has a plan to serve the people of Hawai‘i. Hawai‘i is at the precipice of an epic election, and Duke Aiona stands ready to move forward as Governor.





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