California Sikh Republican to Hawaii Hindu Democrat: Stop Emailing Me for Money

Harmeet Kaur Dhillon
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Harmeet Kaur Dhillon

Harmeet Kaur Dhillon, the Chair of the San Francisco Republican Party and Vice-Chair of the California Republican Party, wrote the following post about Hawaii Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard’s many political contribution solicitations sent to her: 

From Facebook:


Sunday near San Francisco

I have so many “friends” emailing me today, this being a filing deadline for fundraising benchmarks for candidates running for office.

Somehow Tulsi Gabbard became my “friend” because she and her team are emailing me incessantly.

Here is a clue my dear — I appreciate that you may think that because you are a Hawaiian Hindu Democrat (although not South Asian by descent in any way, shape or form) somehow I, a Sikh Republican from California, will feel compelled to overcome multiple barriers to give money to you, it ain’t gonna happen.

Please stop spamming me and whoever gave her my name from their Indian American mailing list of some sort, may you come back in your next life as a dung beetle.

Tulsi Gabbard
Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard





  1. hahaha, thank you for publishing this post.

    Tulsi needs to rethink her social media strategy.

    I couldn't stand the "all about how great Tulsi is" posts hour after hour, so I had to remove her from my fb newsfeed and I stopped following her on just about every other social network there is, shortly after she was elected to congress.

    Tulsi and her team need to understand how to use modern tools such as social networks sparingly so as to not overwhelm her followers with what basically amounts to pure spam which tends to just get ignored.

    • yeah I agree. They did make too many posts at that time, but recently it's gotten better with a lot more posts about her work in Congress, which I'm impressed with.

    • I've been so impressed with Tulsi's work in Washington and she's shown she's very savvy with social media

  2. LOL. A Republican trying to bash rising Democratic star Tulsi Gabbard? Wow! News alert! I never would have guessed that a Republican would dislike someone who defends the rights of the downtrodden.

  3. Has the author ever heard of the "unsubscribe" button? Talk about much ado about nothing. I received plenty of emails from Obama's campaign too – I'm thankful he's out there working hard for the right reasons, as is Tulsi.

    • Granted Marcia, Obama will be well known to be a "fierce advocate for equality" for gays and lesbians, and will remain so. However there's nothing else that he will be remembered for. Compare him to Rick Warren, whom B.O. selected for his first inaguration, a best-selling author and leader of a Southern California megachurch, is one of a new breed of evangelicals who stress the need for action on social issues such as reducing poverty and protecting the environment, alongside traditional theological themes.
      Tulsi, only positive so far is claiming Hawaii senators are the best looking, I even admidt Hanabusa looks better than Reid.

  4. @ Nadia and Marcia- tulsi gabbard is part of the military/industrial/congressional complex.and Obama has crossed that thin -red line and is now afull blown war criminal. you say about gabbard: she "defends the rights of the downtrodden" uh-huh.when she was in Iraq as a soldier,she participated in fighting and killing Iraqi people who had absolutely nothing to do with9/11 or WMD.She and the rest of the military turned that country into a killing field.and then she nproudly accepts a military award and medal from the kingdom of of the most oprresive regimes in the world.a corrupt vicious monarchy that treats its' own women as third class citizens.can't vote.not even allowed todrive a car.right.

    • If you read about her, you'll find that she says "I was against the war in Iraq. We never should have gone there in the first place. I'm the first to say we need to get out of Afghanistan as soon as possible."
      Read it here:

      Re. Kuwait, she received an award for training the guys there. In itself it was amazing that these guys who treat women like dirt respected her & gave her an award.

  5. See how far changing the law to allow lunch wagons in Honolulu to park more than 15 minutes to 3 hours can get you? What else did she do before being elected to Congress? War veteran? Is a MP unit classified as a combat unit? Just wondering. Anyhow, now that she's been elected to Congress, she's now entitled to a lifetime pension, at full pay, mind you.

  6. So now we know Harmeet Kaur Dhillon only gives money to Sikhs & Republicans (or Sikh+republican) & hasn't heard of the unsubscribe button & she's on a bunch of political email lists, including Tulsi's.

  7. @DJR- tulsi gabbard said that she was against the war in Iraq,and that US shouldnot have gone in the first place.she said this in 2012 after she freely volunteered to go to Iraq not once but twice.if she felt strongly against the war,why did she volunteer? also,she aided and abetted Kuwaiti security forces by providing "training" which will no doubt be used against their own people .training security forces in a totalitarian regime is not supporting freedom,no matter how she slices and dices hher excuses.and she professes to be a strict Hindu in her private life???just like all the good Christians who glorify the war in the middle east. would it be fair to assume that she went to Iraq for political oppurtunities?punching her ticket to look favorable for local elctions in Hawaii?

    • I don't know if you are aware that lots of soldiers who served in Iraq didn't approve of the war.

      • – that's a the websites of Iraq vets against the war. When Tulsi was running for Congress she was endorsed & helped by VoteVets, which is also pretty against unnecessary wars & wasteful military spending … For example votevets opposes any Syria intervention

  8. @DJR-thanks for the link to read her interview with john letmen at truthout. i'm going to stand by my accusations that I made about the congresswoman even after reading the Q&A's on that website. chances are she will continue to win re-elections as congressman.and as she gets more seniority in the house,more connections,more committee chairs,etc., she will be voting for more earmarks,appropriations,more bacon,pork for the military especially here in Hawaii.she will vote for moreforeign intervention.stronger law enforcement,and will likely vote for stronger environmental regulations,more expanded federal rules,regulations on a host of social issues here and thru-out the world.she will become wealthy.

    • I sure hope she gets money for Hawaii. After all that's what she's there for. I don't think she'll vote for more foreign intervention though (as I noted she's backed by Votevets, which is pretty against unnecessary military interventions & Tulsi herself has recently voted for an accelerated end to the Afghanistan war in the US House & that measure passed the US House)

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