Ed Case: A “Political Chameleon” Hawai’i Cannot Trust

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By Erin Kealoha

HONOLULU– With Ed Case’s sinking poll numbers and the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee pulling the plug on their negative campaign tactics against Charles Djou, the latest hit on the Case campaign is his own misleading ads. KITV fact checked Case’s latest ad where he attempts to imply an endorsement by the President and concluded what most people knew all along, it isn’t true.


Read KITV’s fact check article here: https://www.kitv.com/politics/23514425/detail.html

“Ed Case is a political chameleon and this ad is just another example of why the voters in Hawai’i can’t trust him. His career has been defined by political ambition over principle and voters will reject his latest run for elected office because they know when a politician such as Case is snowing them,” said Jonah Ka’auwai, Hawai’i Republican Party Chairman. “Whether it is hiding his record of raising taxes or attempting to appeal to voters of all stripes, the bottom line is we can’t trust Ed Case to fight for the people of Hawai’i in Washington DC. He would fit in too comfortably with the status quo agenda that has resulted in declining jobs and higher taxes and we can’t afford that.”

KITV ran a segment in last night’s 10pm news where they picked apart the latest misleading ad from the Case campaign. Political analyst Neil Milner called the Case commercial, “fancy political footwork in the sense that it suggests a more explicit link between Case and Obama than really exists.” Milner goes on to say “I’m not making an ethical judgment here; I am just saying it isn’t what it says it is.”

“The voters of the First Congressional District will decide who they trust to create jobs and lower their tax burden and a series of public polls show they trust Charles Djou to do just that. In another sign Charles’ message is breaking through the clutter of negative ads from Ed Case and his cronies, the respected Rothenberg Political Report moved this race on its index to Lean Republican,” said Ka’auwai. “Voters are tired of the status quo and to them Ed Case represents all that is wrong with Washington DC.”

For more fact check information for the special election for Hawai’i’s 1st congressional district, visit https://www.factcheckhi01.com

Erin Kealoha is the Hawaii GOP Communications Director





  1. From all the articles I’ve read about Ed Case I agree; he is chameleon. Where ever the political winds go he goes. He will do and say anything to get elected. Besides, he had his chance before and lost. Ed Case was part of the problems that caused this economic bubble to burst. He needs to move on in life and let someone like Djou make it happen. And, Djou we believe will make it happen.

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