Finally, Another Way Out of Ewa Beach

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Road rage may die down a bit for Ewa Beach residents now that they know for sure that the North South Road is really going to happen.

Gov. Linda Lingle, Transportation Director Rod Haraga, and area leaders today held a groundbreaking ceremony for the North South Road in Kapolei.


The people of Ewa Beach have been promised this road for almost 20 years. We are happy that the talk is over and that we are finally getting some traffic relief.

The relief is coming just in time.

Fifty-thousand people share this road in just a few hours at peak traffic times. It now can take up to 45 minutes to drive 5 miles to the freeway on Fort Weaver Road and then we battle the drivers on the freeway.

After years of just promises, many thought that the road would never happen. We are so grateful to the governor for making this a priority project.

”’Kimberly Pine is a newly elected Republican state Representative in the Hawaii State Legislature. She represents the Ewa Beach district.”’

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