Hawaii Five-O (Ma Ke Kahakai) Filmed in Ka’a’awa

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BY RICH GRAYBILL RA – Last week’s episode started off with Dano and McGarrett hiking in Kualoa valley in Kaaawa.

Kualoa Valley is part of Kualoa Ranch, a privately held parcel of land that caters to ecotourism, and is the backdrop of many television and movie scenes. It’s a phenomenal spot you must visit on Oahu.


While climbing on a remote part of a ridge, McGarrett and Dano stumble upon a dead body. When repelling down, a rock becomes loose hitting McGarrett in the head and breaking his arm on the fall. Meanwhile, Dano has to go call for help.

Oceanfront Kaaawa lot

As they await help, they notice a bullet hole with some fish scales on the victim, which was odd as he was found far from the sea. Once they get back, they are able to analyze the scales which leads them to a fishing vessel where Ehu (a rare bottom fish) was caught.

They find out that the fish was sold to Morimoto’s restaurant at the the Waikiki Edition Hotel.

There, they were able to uncover the bullet to run a ballistic test. They were able to trace the gun to a prominent business man, who turns out was trying to cover up for his son who was a convict on the run.

The Five-O team shows up at the business man’s home. The subtitles that said it was in Diamond Head, however, by the looks of the architecture, this home was either in Nuuanu or Manoa. Upon the raid, they were able to confirm they got their man.


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