Hawaii Right to Life Endorses Pro-Life Candidates – Voting Pro-Life Values

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BY JANET GRACE — Hawaii Right to Life PAC has announced its candidate endorsements and recommendations for dozens of races statewide. Its selections are based on a comprehensive vetting of those running for office and in-depth personal interviews affirming each endorsed candidate’s commitment to pro-life values. Hawaii Right to Life urges voters to take a careful look at the candidates and their respect for the value of human life and dignity as an issue of fundamental importance to their fitness for office.

Executive Director Janet Grace stated, “We cannot in good conscience support any candidate who has no regard for the lives of all who live in Hawai‘i, including the most vulnerable members of our ‘ohana. In this general election, the ‘choice’ is ours. Who will we choose to protect and defend the weakest amongst us: a candidate who pledges to uphold the full spectrum of life through our laws or a candidate who has–or will–vote to allow the destruction of unborn babies and support assisted suicide laws that could ultimately result in the involuntary deaths of the elderly, disabled, and seriously ill? When voters choose candidates who respect life, the lives they save could be their own.”


Hawaii Right to Life PAC has done an in-depth study of the candidates and has developed an extensive list of those who have signed a right-to-life pledge stating they will work toward creating a culture of life for the precious people of Hawaii Nei and beyond. Voters have a priceless opportunity to save thousands of lives by selecting pro-life candidates, which may be viewed at the organization’s web site at hrtl.org/vote.htm.

Janet Grace is with Hawaii Right to Life, a non-profit organization that advances respect for life for all people, from conception to natural death. Founded in 1973, Hawaii Right to Life is the state affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee.