London, Paris, New York, Tokyo … Honolulu?

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BY PANOS PREVEDOUROS PHD – Little Honolulu of 953,000 people, one third of which live on the other side of the island, wants to be like the 8 to 15 million people cities with rail systems.

If Honolulu truly wanted rail transit that resembles anything like the busy systems in London, Paris, New York, Tokyo, etc. then it would design a system of short lines as those shown in red, green and blue colors in the picture below. It would also have planned extensions (dashed lines) like the one passing through Salt Lake and terminating at Aloha Stadium.

Instead Honolulu plans the yellow rail line whose only purpose (which it is too obvious to see by looking at this picture) is to pave over the prime agriculture of the Ewa Plains with housing, a mega mall, a casino, and anything that will make our rulers richer.
In Honolulu, special interest monies (to the tune of over $10 million in the 2008, 2010 and 2012 elections) andoctogenarian politicians convinced the populous to look to the 19th century for solutions to clogged freeways.