Republican Governors Association Ad: Neil Abercrombie’s Values and Voting Record are out of the Mainstream

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The Republican Governors Association released a new television advertisement today on Neil Abercrombie’s service.  The ad can be viewed at

“The people of Hawaii appreciate Neil Abercrombie’s 35 years of service, but his values and voting record are out of the mainstream,” said RGA spokesman Chris Schrimpf.  “Duke Aiona will help keep Hawaii affordable for families by creating jobs and opposing new taxes.  He’s a smart, independent leader who will bring fresh ideas to the challenges facing Hawaii today.”


A transcript of the ad is below.

Neil Abercrombie’s been in politics for thirty-five years. We appreciate his service, but not how he’s voted.

Abercrombie voted for higher taxes on Hawaii families, the bailout, failed stimulus – bonuses for Wall Street executives.

In this economy, Mr. Abercrombie?

Fortunately, Hawaii has a choice we can afford. Duke Aiona will oppose tax increases and create jobs. A smart, independent leader. Duke Aiona for governor.

Submitted by Chris Schrimpf for the Hawaii GOP





  1. Their positions on Abercrombie are absolute b.s. I can tell you as a gay small-business owner that Aiona’s policies over the last years have been devastating to Hawaii’s economy. The RGA seriously needs a reality-check.

  2. Maybe “totallyfugly” should review the Hawaii Constitution and really observe who has devastated business and our economy in Hawaii. Our Democrats who control the State Senate and Legislature have and had total control since 1959. No matter what the Lingle/Aiona administrations tried to do, yes our State Senate and Legislature would over ride their decisions. The problems you are experiencing are not because of our current Governor and Lt. Governor; it’s our Senate and Legislature.

    Abercrombie was part of this economic meltdown we experienced Nation wide. Check your history, starting with the Community Reinvestment Act of 1977 and work your way to 2010. He and many others should have been fired. But, he quit mid-term costing you and me almost a million dollars. So, I will guarentee you I’m not voting for Abercrombie; he is part of the problem.

  3. Maybe “hanakid” should note that the control of distribution of funds is in the Governors’ hands, as has been pointed out over and over and over by Republicans and Democrats both. It’s no surprise that Lingle is so embarrassed that she won’t even publicly support Aiona—she appears nearly nowhere on Television, online, etc, except to issue the occasional press release. Hardline conservatives who want an antigay, pro church- and corporate-ruled State candidate like Aiona love to conveniently forget that he’s 50% of the Governorship. Their mutual, horrible track record in taxing small businesses to death through (from the GOVERNOR’s office, now, not through Congress!!) G.E. taxes, an increase in tax audits, costing the state over $200M in audits which resulted in less than 5% return in that investment, were ordered by Lingle *and* Aiona. Not to mention Furlough Fridays. The $90M that Abercrombie got in extra funds from the Feds for Hawaii were redirected *away* from education (which it was specifically earmarked for) and placed into the General fund. This fund, along with several others, were raided for the completely un-thought-out Superferry, which cost taxpayers another $1.2bn. Cutting about $500,000 of agricultural inspectors, furthermore, cost an estimated $20-$40M in lost revenue to farmers, who could not get their products inspected because, resulting from an order which was supposedly signed by Aiona, there was noone to inspect it.
    Aiona likes to turn around the devastation of Hawaii and blame it on the Democrats, but as Abercrombie himself said in the debate in which he and Schatz completely humiliated Finnegan/”Duke” on Kauai, Aiona and Lingle took all the money that was given them, and frittered it away on stupid investments and projects. It’s easy for him to blame Democrats for the last 40 years. However, our islands haven’t been in a 40-year recession, so I guess that makes Aiona look even more stupid, doesn’t it?

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