Spiritual Intelligence of Your Emotions:

Finding Your Ultimate Freedom Through Vulnerability


It’s perfectly normal when you’re experiencing “negative” emotions — sadness, anger, worry, loneliness, anxiety — to look for a way to flip the switch and get back to happy.

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In fact, “shifting” your emotional state from “negative” to “positive” is what spiritual practices teach you… but is this really the best solution?


What if these so-called negative feelings were actually essential for liberating you from the “bondage of self”?

What if seeking the “high road” is actually keeping you stuck? And what if what you really need is to be present to your emotional truth… and “feel the feelings” all the way through?

On Wednesday, November 30, emotional connection teacher Raphael Cushnir (bestselling author of The One Thing Holding You Back) will share a proven process for working with your emotions that can free you from the clutches of fear, old traumas, envy and more — leaving you more connected to yourself, your heart and others.

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During this one-hour call event, you’ll discover:

  • A process for recognizing and releasing your resistance to emotion
  • The evolutionary glitch in your brain that doesn’t want you to feel negative emotions
  • A practice to rewire this glitch for healing and well-being
  • The three distinct layers of the brain — reptilian, limbic, neo-cortex — and how they influence your emotional wiring

Raphael’s process has been celebrated by people like Oprah Winfrey and Deepak Chopra quite simply because it works.

He can help you release emotional resistance and challenging experiences, and liberate you from “stuckness” so you can fully engage with life!

Register now for the free, online event, The Spiritual Intelligence of Your Emotions. You’ll discover practices that help you penetrate the core of grief, sadness, shame and other challenging emotions that may have plagued you for a lifetime — and begin to see them for what they are: a gateway to your vulnerability, which is the key to true intimacy and a vibrant life.

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