Which U.S. States Most Love the 1980′s? Not Hawaii

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which states love the 1980s graphicREPORT FROM ESTATELY – The year may be 2014, but that doesn’t mean every American is truly living in the present.

There is a large swath of the country that still waxes nostalgic for the decade of the 1980s.


For those who still keep time on their Swatch watches there are a handful of states to buy a home where the neighbors still do Jane Fonda’s workout in their leg warmers.

Estately crunched Facebook user data for every state to determine which states had the most interest in these 15 bands, movies, companies, people, and pop culture icons most representative of the 1980s…

  1. Whitney Houston (singer)
  2. Michael Jackson (performer)
  3. Van Halen (band)
  4. Madonna (performer)
  5. Pee-wee Herman (TV personality)
  6. Ronald Reagan (the President)
  7. Mr. T (actor who pities fools)
  8. Dirty Dancing (movie)
  9. The Breakfast Club (movie)
  10. Dallas (TV show)
  11. Miami Vice (TV show)
  12. The Cosby Show (TV show)
  13. The Golden Girls (TV show)
  14. Atari (video game company)
  15. DeLorean DMC-12 (car from Back to the Future)

The study clearly shows enthusiasm for 1980′s pop culture is strongest in the Midwest and Appalachia, particularly in America’s rust belt. The West Coast and Mountain West, on the other hand, seems to have little love for the 1980′s and all its neon glory. Hawaii came in 50th place while Kentucky came in first place.

which states love the 1980s
which states love the 1980s