Zippy’s ‘Best’ Gets ‘Local’

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BY KATE HOGLE — Zippy’s Restaurants made a “win-win” decision that will help to support the local ranchers and provide a quality local or Hawaii grown product to its customers.  From the beginning of September, all 25 Zippy’s locations introduced local beef patties!  Local beef is being used in their Hamburger Steak, Prime patties and Hamburger patties.

Local or “Hawaii Grown” beef is beef from cattle born and raised entirely in Hawaii, and sold in Hawaii.  Over a year ago, Zippy’s R&D Chef, Wayne Komamura, was in search of improving the quality and taste of the hamburger steak patty and making it similar to a prior patty that was made daily from fresh ground beef.  “I was looking for that Old Fashioned handmade, home taste,” said Komamura.


In the process of his research he was introduced to Michelle Galimba, President of the Hawaii’s Cattlemen’s Association.  Michelle educated Wayne on the benefits of local beef and had him sample the local beef taste.  Local beef has a much more beefy flavor than imported beef.

Wayne worked closely with Wong’s Meat Market to develop hamburger patties using Zippy’s recipe and worked with the producers to ensure a steady supply of beef.  Although the previously served beef patties from the mainland was an excellent product, Zippy’s Restaurants decided to make a major change since this was an opportunity to utilize excellent locally produced beef, develop a delicious patty with “good old days” appeal and serve a fresher, locally made product to their customers.

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