It’s May 17 and there is still time to vote in the May 22 Special Election.  The results will be announced after 6 p.m.  We here at Team Hanabusa hope everyone in Congressional District 1 will vote, as it is your district that will decide this special election.

I am very disappointed to see that my opponents are literally launching new commercials at us, about one another.  Just last week, one opponent announced he had the race won, and today we see a new commercial from his campaign that is probably the most vicious attack in this race.

We are doing our best to stick with the issues and campaign by Hawaii’s values.  It is my strong belief that our host culture’s values are what bind us all together, making our Hawai the special place it is.

I hope I will win the special election because I am anxious to represent Hawai`i in Washington .. Whatever happens, I am grateful for the opportunity and all of your support, and I will always work for the people of Hawai`i.

Colleen Hanabusa is the state senate president and a candidate for Congress, District 1 in 2010



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