Charles Djou and His Dirty Campaign Tactics

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By Ed Case

Over the weekend Charles Djou and his DC handlers dropped another $100,000-200,000 not into promoting his candidacy, but into running last-minute attack ads on me. And they didn’t target my record or philosophy; they aimed dead-on to assassinate my character.


These ads and their last-minute strategy are right out of far-right DC-funded attack centralLet me give it to you straight, Charles: your ads and campaign are dirty, and everyone knows it.

Charles’ attacks do tell us a few things.

First, he and his handlers are scared, they can feel the victory he declared last week slipping away, and they’re in desperation mode.

Second, our candidacy, not Colleen Hanabusa’s, is their threat.

Third, Charles Djou certainly doesn’t represent the basic change on Capitol Hill most of us want.

And fourth, beyond a few simplistic soundbites, there’s nothing there to promote.

Perhaps what Charles and his handlers are really trying to do is discourage the 60% of voters who haven’t yet voted from voting, since he knows most of his voters already voted. Don’t give him that: if you’re a First District voter and haven’t voted, vote right now!

Pointing out disagreements on positions and politics is one thing, but personal attacks like this are just not HawaiiPlease help us give Charles that message this Saturday, May 22nd.

Congressman Ed Case, D-Hawaii, (2002-2007), is a candidate for Congressional district 1, Hawaii in 2010