Kyle Masato Matsumoto
Kyle Masato Matsumoto

WAINIHA  – Police have arrested repeat offender Kyle Masato Matsumoto for the second time in two days.

Matsumoto, age 36 of Hanalei, was most recently arrested on Monday for second degree theft, after he allegedly stole a handbag from a visiting Japanese couple on a beach in Hā’ena earlier that morning. The handbag contained an undisclosed amount of cash and credit cards.

Monday’s arrest came on the heels of Saturday’s arrest, when Matsumoto was booked for first degree burglary and credit card theft. He was released later that day after posting a $12,000 bond.

Matsumoto remains in police custody today in lieu of $157,000 bail.

According to police, Matsumoto has an extensive criminal history and has several pending criminal cases against him relating to theft, unauthorized entry into motor vehicles, and criminal property damage.

“Mr. Matsumoto is a known criminal offender in the Hā’ena-Hanalei district and has been arrested on numerous occasions, which has frustrated both our officers and our community,” stated Assistant Chief Ale Quibilan. “We will continue to work with the Office of the Prosecuting Attorney to see these cases through to completion.”