On Target Review—Lightweight Glove from Tacprogear.com

Just the ticket to handle the numbing rounds and the sharp edges of a Freedom Arms .41 Magnum
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By Rob Kay

Editor’s Note:  This is the fourth article in our Christmas buyers guide series. Our criteria is straightforward: We’re featuring products in the $150 range or less that we think represent exceptional value. Stay tuned for more great gift ideas targeted at your favorite gunslinger.


The time had come to acquire a glove that would function in Hawaii.

Tacprocom gloves are the ticket to handle the numbing rounds and the sharp edges of a Freedom Arms .41 Magnum. Note leather tips on the index finger and thumb.

I wanted something that would work with my handgun and #1 pig shooter, a .41 Magnum from Freedom Arms. The gloves had to be something supple that would allow me to get most out of the gun and, if need be, keep my hands warm on the cold slopes above the Hamakua Coast.

The gun in question, a Model 83, is by far more accurate than the S&W Model 57 but the sharp edges of the trigger guard have a peculiar tendency to abuse my index finger. A good set of gloves would solve a couple of problems.

The answer came in the form of The “Grip” Model LWTG from a company called Tacprogear.com. The Delray Beach, Florida-based firm is a manufacturer of tactical, military and outdoors equipment that includes bags, packs, pouches, footwear, apparel and four varieties of gloves.

The Grip seemed perfect for the job and could handle moderately cold weather and not be suffocating in the hot and humid conditions endemic to the Aloha State. The glove is ventilated and provides a breathable material on the topside. The trigger (index) finger tips on both right and left hands, which of course are crucial for dexterity, are leather.

The leather tip provides the “feel” so that the finger-to-trigger reflex will

The supple nature of the gloves allows you to keep the feeling “natural” and get your best shot.

approach a barehanded shot.

The gloves fit perfectly and offered exactly what I needed.

The gloves also protected me from any recoil-inflicted irritation from the gun itself. (It’s not just the issue with the sharp edges of the trigger guard). If you’re participating in silhouette competition and shooting over 100 rounds of magnum loads, you’re going to feel it. The padded palm was helpful in staunching the impact and vibration. The knuckles are neoprene padded as well.

I think it’s good product at a reasonable price. The glove I looked at is not something that will be sold to the Navy SEALs but they are not meant to be. A high glove can fetch as much as $200. As a stocking stuffer, you’re not going to go wrong with a decent gove for the MSRP of $39.00.

Photos courtesy of On Target staff.

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