10 Fascinating things you may not know about your bicycle

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by Susan Yamane

  1. Your bike can keep staying up right so long as it’s moving at 8 mph.
  1. The longest bicycle is 117 feet.
  1. Orville Wright and his brother operated a bike shop before becoming aviators.
  1. Americans use their bikes around 1% of the time on urban trips whereas in Europe 7 out of 8 Europeans are on bikes.
  1. In the 1800’s bicycles were promoted as a “horseless carriage”.
  1. Bicycles did not have cranks until the 1840’s and it was invented by a Scottish designer.
  1. One of the very first bicycles weighed around 40 pounds.
  1. Bicycles are a space saver… you can park 15 bicycles in one car parking spot
  1. On average you can lose 13 pounds a year bicycling… what are you waiting for?
  1. The more people that ride bicycles the safer the road becomes

(Cities start incorporating bike lanes that create less chaos on the road)

If you ride a bicycle, it’s considered the most efficient machine ever developed!


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